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VPX and OpenVPX

VPX Technologies: VPX, VPX REDI, OpenVPX

VPX logo VPX, or VITA 46, and its ruggedized companion VPX REDI, or VITA 48, is a broadly defined technology utilizing a range of switched fabric technologies in 3U and 6U form factors supporting commercial and ruggedized environments. OpenVPX, or VITA 65, is an architectural framework that defines system-level VPX interoperability for multi-vendor, multi-module, integrated system environments. The OpenVPX framework defines clear interoperability points necessary for integration between Module to Module, Module to Backplane and Chassis. OpenVPX also recommends development systems to assist evaluation, prototype and development of VPX systems. OpenVPX is designed to evolve and include new fabric, connector and system technologies as newer standards are defined.

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QuiXilica Digitizers Virtex -6 FPGA
QuiXilica Digitizers Virtex -6 FPGA
QuiXilica-V6 VME/VXS FPGA board