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Aurora is a scalable, lightweight, link-layer interconnect for moving data across point-to-point serial links. It is an open protocol that is free of charge, and can be implemented in any silicon device/technology. It allows upper layers of proprietary or industry-standard protocols, such as Ethernet and TCP/IP, to easily use high-speed serial links. Tekmicro is sponsoring the review of Aurora by the VITA trade association as a standard interconnect to meet the needs of high performance embedded solutions.

Aurora typically provides 99% or better link utilization, versus 87% typically found with general purpose fabric interfaces, and is also very resource efficient within the FPGA devices at each end.  The end result is that more FPGA gates are available for processing, raising the overall effectiveness of the system in terms of processing within a given set of size, weight and power constraints.

For more information see the Xilinx web site.