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TEK Microsystems, Inc. offers a wide range of standard, custom designed, and fully integrated solutions to meet the demanding needs of streaming image and signal processing applications. The QuiXilica Family is an ideal solution to demanding Radar, Electronic Warfare, Software Defined Radio, Data Recording, and other advanced signal processing applications.

For rugged specifications go to the Rugged page.


QuiXstart VXS Digitizer System Solution
QuiXstart VXS Digitizer Solutions
• Scalable Development Platform
• Small Footprint
• FPGA Processing
• Easy QuiXstream™ Development
• Modular Architecture
• Off the Shelf Development For:
-Electronic Warfare

QuiXstore Systems

• RF and Digital Data Recording
• Up to 2 Gsps RF Data Recording & Real Time Playback
• Multi GB/s Digital Data Recording
• Advanced FPGA Based Data Recorder Technology (QuiXstore SoC)
• Rackmount, Board Level & PC Server Products

More Information on QuiXstore SoC technology.

QuiXsolutions Systems VXS Systems from TekmicroQuiXsolutions Systems
• Tailored Data Recorder & Digitizer-Based Systems
• Customized Application-based Firmware
• Flexible & Modular Architecture
• High Performance Signal Processing & Digital Transfer
• Multiple Protocols
• Exceptional Signal Integrity (SNR & SFDR)
• Application Based Solutions for
-Electronic Warfare
-Software Defined Radio
-Test Platforms for Avionics

System Configuration Options

Wenzel Associates OCX0 Phase Locked VME Clock Source Module
• High precision clock generation and distribution module
• Maximizes analog performance of ADCs and DACs
• SMA connections for all inputs / outputs
• Up to 4 low skew outputs <14 ps @ 2 GHz
• Optimized to integrate with Tekmicro QuiXilica ADC / DAC products
• Optional 10 MHz reference in/out
• 6U Eurocard form factor - compatible with the complete range of VME and VXS backplanes



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