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Signal Processing

In a signal processing system, FPGAs are typically used to preprocess FFT and digital receiver data to both reduce the amount of data output from the card and also to offload some portion of the signal processing algorithm from the rest of the system. The same capability can be used to reduce the amount of data being stored. Simple windowing can be used to eliminate data samples that are not useful based on timing or other external inputs, and FFT or other preprocessing algorithms can be used to reduce the bandwidth of the recorded data by identifying specific signals or eliminating blocks of data without signal activity.

Tekmicro offers a wide range of solutions to meet the demanding needs of streaming signal processing applications.

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High resolution range-Doppler radar demonstrator based on a commercially available FPGA card”, proceedings Radar 2008, Adelaide, Australia. pdf
An X-band high resolution range-Doppler radar demonstrator has been developed, based on a commercially available 6U-VXS form-factor digital signal processing card containing all necessary base-band circuitry. The custom design covers a radio frequency up-down converter, FPGA firmware and PC software. The practical signal bandwidth is close to 1GHz and the range resolution is close to 15cm. The functionality has been demonstrated in a free space radiation experiment.

By: Henning Nicolaisen#1, Tor Holmboe*2, Karina Vieira Hoel*3, Stein Kristoffersen*4
#University of Oslo, Department of Informatics P.O. Box 1080 Blindern, NO-0316 Oslo, Norway * Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

FPGAs Push Integrated Data Recorder Systems Beyond Number Crunching
The powerful processing capabilities of today’s FPGAs provide the ideal building block for advanced military data recording system architectures. Blending signal processing with network interfaces and fabric endpoints makes for a flexible solution.
By Andrew Reddig, TEK Microsystems, Inc. 

10 Gbit Ethernet Fuels Network-Centric VXS Systems
Fabrics like RapidIO provide the speedy interconnect at the foundation of many new embedded form factors. But military system designers are now eyeing 10 Gbit Ethernet, which has the potential to meet both control and data plane requirements.
By Andrew Reddig, TEK Microsystems, Inc.

For an indepth example of a Beamforming application follow this link.


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