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Data Acquisition

Today's data acquisition systems need to be rapidly configured and deployed, driving solutions towards an architecture that is modular, cost effective and easy to integrate.  By employing Tekmicro's FPGA processing solutions and cores, developers can now take full advantage of this technology while simplifying development and minimizing time to market.

Tekmicro offers a wide range of data acquisition solutions to meet the demanding needs of advanced data acquisition applications.


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Performance Demands Drive Multi-Function I/O Trade-offs
Even greater chip integration enables powerful board-level functionality.  But targeting the right performance and feature set to the meet the application need is no simple matter.
By Andrew Reddig, TEK Microsystems, Inc.


FPGAs Push Integrated Data Recorder Systems Beyond Number Crunching
The powerful processing capabilities of today's FPGAs provides the ideal building block for advanced military data recording system architectures.  Blending signal processing with network interfaces and fabric endpoints makes for a flexible solution.
By Andrew Reddig, TEK Microsystems, Inc.


10 Gbit Ethernet Fuels Network-Centric VXS Systems
Fabrics like RapidIO provide the speedy interconnect at the foundation of many new embedded form factors.  But military system designers are now eyeing 10 Gbit Ethernet, which has the potential to meet both control and data plane requirements.
By Andrew Reddig, TEK Microsystems, Inc.

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